New Blog

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I decided to start a new blog--because I love how much freedom I have to change the layout and colors when working with iweb. I may still keep this blog active for a bit so that I can comment on other blogger blogs. Here's my new blog:

How we live our yoga

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I just finished reading the book "How We Live Our Yoga" today. My favorite essay was written by Jeff Martens. He tells the story of a farmer who digs for a well, starting with a new hole each day instead of sticking with the same hole, which is meant to be a metaphor for the importance of seekers sticking with one spiritual path if they are to go deep within it. The author, like me, prefers to find inspiration from a variety of sources, instead of sticking with one religion, and so had a difficult time with this story. But he found a positive way to interpret this. He writes, "I was the farmer digging the well. But rather than many different holes, each teacher or spiritual path I had experienced represented a different digging tool rather than a different hole. This practice allowed me to dig deeper and deeper, concentrating on one hole all along......My surrender and devotion was to the path of vivekakhyati, true discernment, rather than to one particular guru or teaching."


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I've painted our living room my new favorite color: teal. I'm not quite sure if I like it yet....but maybe it is growing on me. The walls used to be white and gold sponge painted and everything was fall colors. I'm tired of fall colors....wanted something new. Now when I'm in my living room I feel like I'm in a spaceship. At night the reflection of the light on the blue walls spreads to the kitchen and the hallway, a blue glowing...

Quotes I like

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"If the goal of Women's Liberation was to create a world where the sisters could do whatever the hell they wanted, then the wacky chick must surely be the screeching apotheosis of feminist achievement." --Simon Doonan

"Life's a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." --Auntie Mame

I love Pandora

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I love favorite music playlist is Anoushka Shankar....dancing is good for your spirit.....

More altered books

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Here are 2 more altered book from the RED book and one from the COMPETITION book.

Arrowwood Sunrise

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Check out the beautiful Arrowwood sunrise--like a gift from the Universe--trying to get us all to wake up and pay attention...